If you could wake up anywhere…


…where would you wake up?

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I said that I want to wake up beside the boy on a sunny weekend morning overlooking downtown Vancouver.  Which I’ll actually get to do very soon since he’ll be moving to Coal Harbour next month.  I’m looking forward to spending the summer wandering around downtown and exploring the city.  (His response when I asked? I don’t want to wake up inside my own anus-later he added “anywhere is fine as long as there’s good internet”).

This is what I said at first, but then when I started thinking about it I wasn’t so sure.  For a long time I believed that I never wanted to wake up anywhere besides Vancouver, but now I’m starting to think differently.  Maybe it’s just that the travel bug is itching again and that once I’m out of the city for awhile my appreciation for it will be renewed.  Because I think I could give a lot of different answers to this question now.  I’d like to wake up in Glasgow with my cousins still drunk from the night before.  I’d like to wake up in Tokyo to the sound of busy salarymen rushing to work and stranded club-goers stumbling onto the first train home.  I want to wake up to the smell of my dad cooking breakfast and sitting around the table as a family (something we haven’t done in a long time).

What about you?  Where do you want to wake up?


One Response to “If you could wake up anywhere…”

  1. In a little hut on a beach in Costa Rica. Or maybe at my in-laws place in Palm Springs. Or maybe in a tent on Joffre Lake near Pemberton.

    Gah! Travelling! I need more of it in my life.


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