Recent purchases + summer wishlist


There’s been a lot of shopping going on…I’m definitely on a ban if I decide to go on vacation in June (any guesses where I might go? :P)

Minkpink sweater

I got a fantastic deal on this Minkpink sweater from Regular $120, I nabbed it on sale for $35.  I’m too self conscious to wear it without a tank underneath though-the tummy is NOT as toned as it may look in that photo I swear.

Skulls ahoy!

I saw a couple of people on Lookbook wearing this skull tee from Zara-it was the last one left at Metrotown (and my size!) so I think I really lucked out.  And beside it, my new McQueen scarf (may he RIP).  I had thought about getting the classic B&W, but I like that the grey is a little bit softer.  My dad HATES skulls and was all excited that I bought some designer scarf-then he saw it and said “THAT’S what he’s famous for?!”  Oh fathers 😛

nOir pyramid stacked rings

I’ve been looking for a nice ring for awhile, and I love these stacked pyramid stud rings.  It’s a bit loose though…wish it had come in half sizes.

I’m sure people would rather actually see these things ON me, but a) I’m lazy and b) I don’t really want to make this an outfit blog.

Summer wishlist:

Gilfy zippered fedora (from Japan)

Gilfy zippered fedora (from Japan)

Aldo Parlour bag (for when I don't want to carry lots of crap around)

Charcoal grey blazer (this one's from Uniqlo)

Studded/destroyed denim shorts (Blank Denim)

Cheap Monday skinny jeans in "Used"

I also want to find a really sheer loose white tee, some new sandals, and a new swimsuit since I’m all booked up to go to Honolulu the end of August for a wedding!


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