Last night the boy and I went downtown to watch my all-time favourite band, STARS, play at the Orpheum.  I know I just saw them last year, but I was so impressed with their live performance that I just had to see them again.

Hey Rosetta

Opening act Hey Rosetta was surprisingly good (as well all know most opening acts aren’t worth showing up on time for).  The 6 guys are from Newfoundland and had a really interesting mix of instruments-the band includes a violin and cello, and some songs incorporated sounds as random as a kid’s Fisher Price xylophone and an empty beer bottle being clanked.  The music was mellow and fresh and the lead singer had a fantastic voice-we were definitely impressed.

Then, the main act-STARS came on!  They played a great mix of old songs and new tracks from their upcoming record.


Unlike a lot of bands, Stars doesn’t have a big fancy stage show-it’s all about the music.  Stars is the only band that sound even better live than they do on the CD.  Torquil and Amy’s voices are just so smooth and clear live.  Last time I saw them they played more of my “all time” favourite songs (this time, of course, they were trying to promote some of their new songs instead) so I was a little disappointed by that-the show was ended with One More Night but I wish they had picked a more upbeat song instead.

Torquil and Amy

Although their lyrics aren’t the most upbeat, there’s something about their music that I always find really soothing.  There aren’t many bands that have a man and woman singing together-but with these two it just works.  I’m so glad that they were chosen as part of the Cultural Olympiad-they are such a fantastic example of Canadian music.

And now, I love you with Elevator Love Letter-the very first Stars song I heard many years ago.


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