Socks with sandals


Imagine my horror when I open my inbox to see THIS image at the bottom of an newsletter.  Socks with sandals.  A “new trend to try” and apparently seen at the Burberry Prorsum S/S10 show just recently.

I’d like to think I’m pretty open minded about fashion, although I usually take a lot longer to adopt trends (I was vehemently against skinny jeans when they first appeared…..and then I found a pair that actually worked.  Now I don’t own anything else!).  But, really, there’s some things you just know you’ll pass on (for me, leggings as pants, although certainly not a “fashionable” trend in my opinion, is something I’m happily waiting to disappear).  First of all, you really have to have legs like a Burberry model (and be tall enough!) to prevent your legs looking like little stumps.

At least my dad has nicer legs than this guy-and always wears white socks

Second of all, how can I condone a trend when I’ve been nagging my dad for a decade on this total fashion faux pas.  “If it’s toocold to wear bare feet, PUT SHOES ON DAD” is continually repeated every summer in my household.  Hasn’t anyone seen those Washington Mutual commercials featuring the classic northwest’s “socks with sandals guy”?  Do you REALLY want to sport a trend that is loved by middle-aged fathers all up and down this coast?  A google search of “socks with sandals” gives the most hilarious combination of runway photos and men with tube socks and hiking sandals.

What do you guys think?  Is this a trend you’ll be embracing or passing up?  Any other spring trends you’re horrified by?


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  1. Agreed 🙂

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