Pre-Olympic rush!


The task ahead

It’s the last week before classes are off for the Spring Gongshow (aka Winter Olympics), which means I am both frantically trying to get assignments done and exams written, as well as going on coffee-fueled grading binges (if you didn’t read my earlier post, I still work as a TA at UBC).

I was out on campus today to meet with my prof so we could go through some of the marking-it’s quite straightforward but the sheer AMOUNT may just kill me.  I had a project and accounting midterm this past week, so I only just got to it now…and she’s hoping to get to them Friday.  Good thing I have a ton of Starbucks VIA sitting around.

Being back out at UBC again today made me feel so nostalgic towards my alma mater (although it probably helped that it was a gorgeous sunny day out!).  Even though I never really made myself much of the community there, I can’t help but feel a strong connection to the place who brought me so many amazing friends and memories, as well as some of the most tumultuous and excruciating moments of my life.  But isn’t that the way it is-everything seems so much better looking back, doesn’t it?

Marbellous cookie from Blue Chip-my pre marking treat (and sugar boost)

I haven’t had too much Olympic spirit (I’m more indifferent than anything) but today driving out to UBC and seeing the Olympic village and all the big tour buses and the flags hanging down from the balconies…I started to get excited!  I can’t wait to cheer on Canada and show off the fantastic city I live in.


One Response to “Pre-Olympic rush!”

  1. 1 Doozy

    That is a titload of marking, my friend. A TITLOAD.

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