80.  See the new Woodwards development

Alright!  I managed to cross something off my list from last weekend.  I went to the home of one of the boy’s lovely coworkers, who just moved in to Woodwards.  My god, the place is spectacular.  Her view stretches from Canada Place and the water, to Victory Square, to City Hall up on 12th ave.  It was spectacular all lit up at night.  Apparently the gym is on the top floor overlooking the city-I definitely have to tag along for a workout one of these days!

Woodwards W

Seeing the view made me realize just how central this development is in downtown Vancouver-you can literally see everything from it.  I have to admit though, I still don’t think I’d be happy walking around there at night by myself.  While Robson is busy (well, busy enough) even in the middle of the night, walking along Water Street felt eerie-the place was practically deserted (okay, it was a Thursday night, but still).  I really do hope this development helps to bring some much-needed change to the area (for ALL residents, including those who don’t really have a place of their own to call “home”).

View of Canada Place

I feel REALLY bad for her neighbours though.  She’s on the 22nd floor, and the W is only visible when you go out on the balcony and look out to the left.  But the people next door…it is literally right in front of their window.  I wonder how they sleep at night?

Speaking of condos, the boy just bought a place in Coal Harbour!  I’m really excited about it.  The place needs a lot of work-I’m hoping we can do the work ourselves but it’s going to be a huge effort.  But, most importantly, I get to make the ultimate IKEA trip.  It’ll be nice to spend as much of the summer downtown as I can (or at least as much as he’ll let me mooch off him before he starts looking for a share of the food bill!).


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