Twiddling my thumbs


I can’t remember the last time I had so much free time on my hands. I don’t deal well with stress, but I’m also a really restless person, and the idea of having nothing to do makes me feel pretty uncomfortable actually.

I signed on to TA again this term, but the workload isn’t what I expected. I have 3 weeks of marking to do between now and April. Sure, part of me is shouting “Hell yeah! I’m getting paid to do nothing for 3/4 of my contract!” but then, it hit me, What the hell am I going to do with myself?

There’s a bit of a fine line I have yet to figure out-I’m in night school 3 days a week and except for 3 weeks this term, I’m basically unemployed.  But I don’t know how heavy things are going to get if I could/should look for a 2nd job or just try to make the most of free time.

The boy and I have both been discussing our lack of hobbies and the need to take time to do things to fuel the “other” side of ourselves (the side that isn’t obsessed with getting grades or making money).  But….where to start?  I’ve never had time for hobbies before, and I find myself zoning out on the couch instead of getting up and doing something I enjoy. How do you motivate yourself to do something that is supposed to be self-fulfilling and, thus, self-motivating?


One Response to “Twiddling my thumbs”

  1. I envy you. i think most pple have the opposite problem of not enough time.

    I would say just enjoy this free time. not sure if you’re the type of person who enjoys more structured activities (ie weekly or routine class) or activities on a whim so hard to suggest things that you might like. I think the only advice i can give is find something that you really really just love – especially things in childhood that you loved, and you’ll find that you probably still love doing it. Or something that you’ve always wanted to try but something held you back. In doing so, you’ll naturally find that you’re motivated to do it, without over analyzing and over thinking finding something that is “fulfilling” and “self-motivating”

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