Oh hai there, lover


Oh? What could be inside here?

Anyone who knows me even slightly knows I have a slight Vivienne Westwood addiction.  Her boutiques are always at the top of my list whenever I go on vacation.  The shop has only been open inside Princes Square (on Buchanan Street in Glasgow) for about a year or two and had a good selection of jewelry, clothing, handbags, and scarves.  They also had a lot of the Melissa rubber shoes.

Small orb pendant

The pendant came in the biggest and most ridiculous tooth shaped container-I asked the boy if I put it under my pillow the Westwood fairy would come, but he said she’d only bring me tylenol for the massive headache the lump in my pillow would give me.  I have to be careful with this though, because of the length and weight it tends to swing when I lean forward-I don’t want this banging on the table!

And then, the big splurge….


I need 10min to get these on

I have been drooling over these for years, but I finally justified them as a uni graduation gift to myself (last pair left and in my size!).  The leather is so soft and supple, and the straps are the same leather as the handles on LV bags, so they turn to a really nice golden color with age.  I just hope there’s enough dry days in Vancouver for me to show these off!

I’ll be putting up a big Scotland post or two soon, but I’m still trying to organize all my photos and get over my jetlag.


One Response to “Oh hai there, lover”

  1. Those are AMAZING boots!

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