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Last night two of my Twitter friends brought up this news story about a development firm that will be converting an old SRO hotel into micro-lofts for lower (ie NOT low) income individuals.  These “micro-lofts” will be more than $200/mo cheaper than most studio apartments and will be 270 square feet-but will hold a bathroom, […]

101 in 1001


After the advice of my dear friend Khea, I’ve decided to jump on the “101 tasks in 1001 days” bandwagon.  I have a lot of free time (as mentioned previously) in the next few months, and I want to use this time to make a lot of changes now that I’ve no longer got “I’m […]

Kindle review


I was fortunate to get my hands on a Kindle through the boy (who received it as a corporate Christmas gift-not bad eh?) and was really excited to try it out on vacation (especially when I received my holiday reading in the mail from Chapters and realized my choice was gigantic). Basics The Kindle sells […]

I can’t remember the last time I had so much free time on my hands. I don’t deal well with stress, but I’m also a really restless person, and the idea of having nothing to do makes me feel pretty uncomfortable actually. I signed on to TA again this term, but the workload isn’t what […]

Anyone who knows me even slightly knows I have a slight Vivienne Westwood addiction.  Her boutiques are always at the top of my list whenever I go on vacation.  The shop has only been open inside Princes Square (on Buchanan Street in Glasgow) for about a year or two and had a good selection of […]