Cafe Medina


Met up with my friend visiting from Japan and went off to Cafe Medina.  We used to have tea and waffles at Steeps on West Broadway all the time when she lived in Vancouver, so when I heard that a true Belgian waffle place was opening, I knew I had to take her the next time she visited!  The boy and I absolutely love Chambar-it’s our #1 spot for special occasions  .It was surprisingly busy for a Tuesday afternoon-every table was packed and there were a couple of groups waiting outside.

Lavender latte and waffle

I got a lavender latte and waffle with berry compote.  My friend had her waffle with pistachio chocolate rosewater (I think that’s the right order…).  I was drooling over the chocolatey offerings, but this time of year is filled with enough indulgences!

The latte was very nice-just a hint of lavender and not too overpowering or sweet.  The waffle itself was delicious and so was the compote-I wish I’d had a little bit of whipped cream to mix with it though.  My friend’s chocolate one was really nice too, not super sweet either.  My only complaint was that they served my friends latte in a typical cup, and mine in a glass…..which meant I had to wrap a napkin around to hold it.  Why would the give it to you in a glass??  The people at the table next to us were gushing over their lunch offerings (I saw meatballs), so I definitely want to go back and try the full menu!

We exchanged Christmas gifts today-I gave her a snowsuit and a white coat for her new baby.  She gave me this great boot holder that keeps your boots from flopping over.  I need to find more of these!

Boot clip

In action

She also brought me my favourite Calbee pizza chips (there’s “real” bits of cheese on them!).  Seriously, the Japanese know their snacks.

Best chips EVER

Now I will be holing myself up in my house until Christmas.  Between proctoring, writing exams, and marking…I’m stuck until Christmas eve.


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  1. 1 Doozy

    Those boot clips are genius!!!

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