Lady Gaga


Last night as a belated birthday gift the boy took me to see Lady Gaga.  I’ve been looking forward to this for months (we had tickets to her show with Kanye originally) and was so happy her concert wasn’t in the middle of my exam period.

The night started out with me being irritated by the teenagers (jeez, I feel like an old spinster-that wasn’t me long ago!) dancing and smoking up in front us of (while the lights were still up-how dumb can you be?) and getting in a fight with the guy in front.  We always seem to see fights at shows-at MIA these people were holding up a flag and when people started yelling at them to put it down, the girl almost got in a fist fight with this preteen’s father.

The opening act, Semi Precious Weapons, were….not to great musically.  But MAN did they perform.  The lead singer was in drag and changed costumes on stage, the guitarist played with a violin bow, and for one song the bassist played while doing a shoulder-stand.

Kid Cuddy came on and was awesome-I didn’t get to see much because I was distracted by the high/dancing teens in front of us.

Then Gaga came…and she was FABULOUS!  What a show.  Definitely not over the top like her TV appearances, but memorable nonetheless.  My favourite costume of the night had to be this latex cloak she wore with a mouse ear + rapunzel wig, which her dancers “cut off” with giant scissors.  She did a great acoustic version of Paparazzi on the piano as well as singing the original version-I was really impressed with her vocals and piano skills.

Her other outfits:
-Glitter body suit with skeleton headdress/bracelets/shoes
-Metallic gold Egyptian costume (well, there wasn’t much there!) with gold headpiece
-White suit with high waisted pants and shoulder pads up to her forehead (one of her outfits she wore in the show-except her body suit was glittery)

The only thing that surprised me was the few parents and kids I saw there.  Obviously, they have no idea who Lady Gaga is.  There was even an Adam Lambert-esque moment where a dancer was grinding his face in her crotch.  She also pretends to jack off and states “In case you haven’t heard, I have an enormous cock“.  Bet mommy and daddy had mini heart attacks over that one!

All in all, not the #1 concert I’ve been to (that title goes to Stars for putting on a no-nonsense show of some of the most beautiful live music I’ve heard) but for the type of show, it was a great experience.  I’m glad it didn’t end up being a huge stadium show-the QE is so intimate-even the crappy seats are still not that far away.  We got a great view from the Dress Circle.  The only weird thing was some of her “speech” in between songs or during costume changes about how her fans can change the world and how “When you feel lonely, I feel lonely too”.  It reminded me a lot of “Friend” from the Japanese movie 20th century boys, almost cult-like.  If I hadn’t watched that movie it probably wouldn’t have seemed so weird to me-everyone else was cheering through it (again, just like the movie).

REALLY was hoping the McQueen Alien shoes would make an appearance, but alas, they only showed them in the video that was running in the background during one of her songs 😦

Hope you all managed to get tickets to one of her shows here!


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