Christmas Wishlist


So in between frantically marking papers, I decided to stop myself from going crazy I would make up my Christmas wish list-of course, I will probably never get any of these things, but I can still hope!

Alexander McQueen Faithful skull flat

Alexander McQueen grey skull scarf

Mackage Nadine coat

Boscia Clarifying Detox Mask (heard it's great)

Apple magic mouse (I dropped my current mouse and now the scroll button is stuck)

Years supply of ViVi sent to me (I read them online for free, but really there's nothing like flipping through it in person)

Years worth of ViVi sent to me (I read it online for free, but it's nice flipping through magazines in person!)

McQueen knuckle duster clutch

McQueen knuckle duster clutch

Vivienne Westwood Small Orb pendant (I always wanted the giant one, until I saw it in Japan and felt how HEAVY it was-it's almost neck breaking)

Vivienne Westwood Small Orb Pendant (I always wanted the GIANT one, but I saw it in Japan and it's HEAVY-I can just imagine it whacking me in my stomach as I walk)

ModCloth dress (out of stock...of course)

Purdys Hedgehogs-I don't like to get a lot of chocolate for Christmas (I tend to lose control) but I HAVE to get a box of hedgehogs. That and I just had to post this photo because it's so damn cute!

Starbucks card-because I need to drink as many Gingerbread Lattes as possible before they're gone for the year. (Or my usual Pike roast when I'm feeling guilty about indulging)

I’m actually going on vacation right after the holidays, so I think Christmas will be more “symbolic” this year than anything else.  And budget.  Definitely budget.  I had a terrible time last year coming up with cheap gifts for all my friends, so this year I’m going back to my high school tradition-baking.  Everyone loved my cookies, and they were damn cheap to make.  It’s so much better than feeling forced to get people things they won’t use just for the sake of it.  That and I get to avoid the frenzy of the mall-after working at Metrotown over the holidays, I’ve come to avoid it like the plague around this season.

What do you guys do about gifts?


2 Responses to “Christmas Wishlist”

  1. 1 Doozy

    I LOVE HEDGEHOGS. So delicious, holy shit.

    Also, I love everything else on this list 🙂

  2. Mmm hedgehogs, YES. I’m torn on which I like better, hedgehogs or Lindor Lindt chocolates? Can’t decide!!

    That Modcloth dress is so cute! That site really needs to invest in bigger inventories, their stuff is always sold out!

    Where do you go to read Vivi online??

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