Marking time

The daunting task ahead of me

The daunting task ahead of me

This is what I have to look forward to over the next week and a half.  75 10 page sociology papers to mark (and afterwards, I think my top priority should be to clean my disgusting Macbook screen).  Although I’m enjoying reading and commenting on students papers, it kills me to assign a mark to their work.  I know the anxiety of getting a paper back and frantically flipping to the last page to see how you were graded.  Of course there are papers that were obviously rushed, and they probably know what kind of mark they’re going to get anyways.  But writing university papers is a fine art, and it takes a long of time, sleepless nights, and venti Starbucks to perfect.  Some people just aren’t there yet, and it’s hard to mark them down when you can tell the effort is behind it.

TAing isn’t something that I had ever thought of-I actually worked in the department office for a year when I found out they couldn’t keep me on for another year as I’m graduating in December.  The head approached me to see if I was interested in TAing.  At first, I was apprehensive-what do I know about sociology?  It’s only my minor after all-am I really qualified to aid students that are probably the same age as me?  The head said “Don’t worry, even the profs probably don’t know everything!” (This didn’t assure me).  However, they offered me a position with the prof who taught my Soci 100 class 3 years ago, who was basically the one I credit for developing my interest in sociology in the first place (plus it helps that he’s a hilarious old hippie).  When I heard that, I decided to take the job.

And I’m so glad that I did.  I’m quite nervous at public speaking, and TAing has really helped me become more comfortable discussing my thoughts and knowledge with students.  Plus, it feels great to now be working with the prof who first introduced me to the field three years ago.  Since this is my last term at university, it definitely feels like I’ve come full circle.

Plus it kind of helps that the students seem to think I’m pretty cool (I hope).


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