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So in between frantically marking papers, I decided to stop myself from going crazy I would make up my Christmas wish list-of course, I will probably never get any of these things, but I can still hope! I’m actually going on vacation right after the holidays, so I think Christmas will be more “symbolic” this […]

Marking time


This is what I have to look forward to over the next week and a half. ¬†75 10 page sociology papers to mark (and afterwards, I think my top priority should be to clean my disgusting Macbook screen). ¬†Although I’m enjoying reading and commenting on students papers, it kills me to assign a mark to […]

Generation A


Now you young twerps want a new name for your generation? Probably not, you just want jobs, right? Well, the media do us all such tremendous favors when they call you Generation X, right? Two clicks from the very end of the alphabet. I hereby declare you Generation A, as much at the beginning of […]