…where would you wake up?

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I said that I want to wake up beside the boy on a sunny weekend morning overlooking downtown Vancouver.  Which I’ll actually get to do very soon since he’ll be moving to Coal Harbour next month.  I’m looking forward to spending the summer wandering around downtown and exploring the city.  (His response when I asked? I don’t want to wake up inside my own anus-later he added “anywhere is fine as long as there’s good internet”).

This is what I said at first, but then when I started thinking about it I wasn’t so sure.  For a long time I believed that I never wanted to wake up anywhere besides Vancouver, but now I’m starting to think differently.  Maybe it’s just that the travel bug is itching again and that once I’m out of the city for awhile my appreciation for it will be renewed.  Because I think I could give a lot of different answers to this question now.  I’d like to wake up in Glasgow with my cousins still drunk from the night before.  I’d like to wake up in Tokyo to the sound of busy salarymen rushing to work and stranded club-goers stumbling onto the first train home.  I want to wake up to the smell of my dad cooking breakfast and sitting around the table as a family (something we haven’t done in a long time).

What about you?  Where do you want to wake up?


There’s been a lot of shopping going on…I’m definitely on a ban if I decide to go on vacation in June (any guesses where I might go? :P)

Minkpink sweater

I got a fantastic deal on this Minkpink sweater from Stylexchange.com Regular $120, I nabbed it on sale for $35.  I’m too self conscious to wear it without a tank underneath though-the tummy is NOT as toned as it may look in that photo I swear.

Skulls ahoy!

I saw a couple of people on Lookbook wearing this skull tee from Zara-it was the last one left at Metrotown (and my size!) so I think I really lucked out.  And beside it, my new McQueen scarf (may he RIP).  I had thought about getting the classic B&W, but I like that the grey is a little bit softer.  My dad HATES skulls and was all excited that I bought some designer scarf-then he saw it and said “THAT’S what he’s famous for?!”  Oh fathers 😛

nOir pyramid stacked rings

I’ve been looking for a nice ring for awhile, and I love these stacked pyramid stud rings.  It’s a bit loose though…wish it had come in half sizes.

I’m sure people would rather actually see these things ON me, but a) I’m lazy and b) I don’t really want to make this an outfit blog.

Summer wishlist:

Gilfy zippered fedora (from Japan)

Gilfy zippered fedora (from Japan)

Aldo Parlour bag (for when I don't want to carry lots of crap around)

Charcoal grey blazer (this one's from Uniqlo)

Studded/destroyed denim shorts (Blank Denim)

Cheap Monday skinny jeans in "Used"

I also want to find a really sheer loose white tee, some new sandals, and a new swimsuit since I’m all booked up to go to Honolulu the end of August for a wedding!



What a fabulous day Sunday was (after the stress levels across the country dropped down about 20 notches).  I’ve never seen the city so vibrant and excited before-how refreshing to see Vancouver in full-out party mode!  I know Canada has its reputation for being modest in terms of patriotism, but you’d never know it from the crowds and waving flags on Robson street Sunday afternoon!  It made me so proud to be from Canada and to have grown up in Vancouver.

What was your favourite Olympic moment?  I have to admit, the Zip Line was pretty killer-but the crowds on Sunday were a close second.

Ice bar at Monk McQueens

Inukshuks near the Canadian pavillions

Robson street on Sunday

Bhangra dancing on Robson

Molson Canadian house

Zip Line!


So my dear friend Michelle and I got up at the ungodly hour of 5AM to head down to Robson for the Zipline.  I think because it was drizzling this morning a lot of people backed out.  At 6 there was only about 15 people in front of us.  Luckily they let us in at 830 (although this meant being under a tent but still standing!  I finally cozied up under one of the viewfinder “booths” so I could rest my poor feet).  It was a long wait, but once they started running it we were up zipping in about 20min (total: over4hr wait though).

We saw all these people going across upside down, and we said “yes! we’re doing that!”.  Then we started to climb up the scaffolding.  And I was scared shitless.  Honestly, the hardest part was trying to walk down the 4 little steps before you jump off.  But it was AWESOME!

Excuse the last 15 seconds-I had my Olympic mittens on which made it impossible to press the “stop” button.



Last night the boy and I went downtown to watch my all-time favourite band, STARS, play at the Orpheum.  I know I just saw them last year, but I was so impressed with their live performance that I just had to see them again.

Hey Rosetta

Opening act Hey Rosetta was surprisingly good (as well all know most opening acts aren’t worth showing up on time for).  The 6 guys are from Newfoundland and had a really interesting mix of instruments-the band includes a violin and cello, and some songs incorporated sounds as random as a kid’s Fisher Price xylophone and an empty beer bottle being clanked.  The music was mellow and fresh and the lead singer had a fantastic voice-we were definitely impressed.

Then, the main act-STARS came on!  They played a great mix of old songs and new tracks from their upcoming record.


Unlike a lot of bands, Stars doesn’t have a big fancy stage show-it’s all about the music.  Stars is the only band that sound even better live than they do on the CD.  Torquil and Amy’s voices are just so smooth and clear live.  Last time I saw them they played more of my “all time” favourite songs (this time, of course, they were trying to promote some of their new songs instead) so I was a little disappointed by that-the show was ended with One More Night but I wish they had picked a more upbeat song instead.

Torquil and Amy

Although their lyrics aren’t the most upbeat, there’s something about their music that I always find really soothing.  There aren’t many bands that have a man and woman singing together-but with these two it just works.  I’m so glad that they were chosen as part of the Cultural Olympiad-they are such a fantastic example of Canadian music.

And now, I love you with Elevator Love Letter-the very first Stars song I heard many years ago.


Imagine my horror when I open my inbox to see THIS image at the bottom of an ASOS.com newsletter.  Socks with sandals.  A “new trend to try” and apparently seen at the Burberry Prorsum S/S10 show just recently.

I’d like to think I’m pretty open minded about fashion, although I usually take a lot longer to adopt trends (I was vehemently against skinny jeans when they first appeared…..and then I found a pair that actually worked.  Now I don’t own anything else!).  But, really, there’s some things you just know you’ll pass on (for me, leggings as pants, although certainly not a “fashionable” trend in my opinion, is something I’m happily waiting to disappear).  First of all, you really have to have legs like a Burberry model (and be tall enough!) to prevent your legs looking like little stumps.

At least my dad has nicer legs than this guy-and always wears white socks

Second of all, how can I condone a trend when I’ve been nagging my dad for a decade on this total fashion faux pas.  “If it’s toocold to wear bare feet, PUT SHOES ON DAD” is continually repeated every summer in my household.  Hasn’t anyone seen those Washington Mutual commercials featuring the classic northwest’s “socks with sandals guy”?  Do you REALLY want to sport a trend that is loved by middle-aged fathers all up and down this coast?  A google search of “socks with sandals” gives the most hilarious combination of runway photos and men with tube socks and hiking sandals.

What do you guys think?  Is this a trend you’ll be embracing or passing up?  Any other spring trends you’re horrified by?

Streets of Glasgow

After so many years since being back, I was afraid I had created this idealized version of Scotland in my head and would only be setting myself up for disappointment when I arrived.

Instead, I fell in love with it even MORE.  Glasgow is such a vibrant, interesting city.  There’s not many places where you’ll see 400 year old sandstone buildings next to a shiny modern office block.

And the booze…the booze is so cheap!  My cousin took me out to the West End of Glasgow for a pub crawl one night, so we weren’t in some shady pub (like the one next to his flat that gets their booze out of a truck parked outside), and even then the drinks were almost half the price as a club/bar in downtown Vancouver.

The weather was pretty brutal-it never went above 0 and the snow just wouldn’t go away (well, at least outside the city).  But it didn’t stop us from going out and enjoying our trip.  We went to Edinburgh for the day with my uncle, and the city was just breathtaking covered in snow.  We walked up to the castle, stopped in the bar at the whisky museum (300 kinds of whisky…how can I resist?), and took a look at the very oddly extravagant Scottish Parliament buildings.

Parliament Building

Skyline of Edinburgh

Glasgow shopping is great-Buchanan Street and Argyle Street run perpendicular and have most of the big high street shops, as well as a couple of department stores.  Argyle Street is a bit younger, with Topshop, Primark (F21 is way better-I wasn’t very impressed with Primark at all), H&M, Zara, etc.  Buchanan is a bit more high-end; All Saints has amazing knits and tees, while Princes Square holds some high end boutiques (including Vivienne Westwood) and fancy coffee shops up top.  House of Fraser is what the Bay COULD be, with lots of mini brand boutiques and a really great assorted of low-to-high merchandise.

My grandparents in the paper! How cute are they? (Click to read)

The wedding anniversary was on Saturday-it was so good to see my family again and spend time with my cousins.  I promised myself that night not to leave it so long between visits-family is so important and you can’t just let that go.  Seeing my grandparents dancing together after 60 years of marriage made me get a bit emotional-especially seeing the whole family standing around them clapping and singing.  In true Scottish fashion, everyone was pretty sloshed by the end of the night (nothing like seeing your uncles stumbling over the dance floor-although it covered up the fact my younger cousin and I had no idea what we were doing during the group dances!).

Getting back was rough, British Airways cancelled our flight so we had to frantically book another flight (we had SO many issues with BA-will never be flying with them again).  I wish we could have stayed longer, but hopefully I’ll make it back soon.  Family is so great that way-it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been away, you just pick up where you left off.  Scotland always feels like home to me, even though I’ve never lived there.